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Cookies Policy

The website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") uses cookies to allow us to collect information that helps us enhance your browsing experience.

Here, we are referring to these technologies, which include cookies, pixels and gifs, collectively as "cookies".

This policy applies to all Bionephros SA web sites. It explains the different types of cookies used on the website and the way they are controlled. We reserve the right to change this cookie policy at any time. Therefore, it is advisable that you check it every time so that you are informed about the latest content of our cookie policy. Any changes will take effect as soon as the revised cookies policy is posted on our site.

By consenting to the installation of the Cookies you can enjoy our website to the fullest.

We hope this policy will help you understand and feel more secure regarding our use of cookies. For any query or question you have you may contact the Company Manager ( or the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, Kifissias 1-3, PC. 115 23, Athens, Tel: + 30-210 6475600, Fax: + 30-210 6475628,

What are Cookies?

When we provide services, we want to make them easy, useful, and reliable. When services are provided over the internet, it sometimes involves accessing limited information on your device (e.g. computer or mobile phone). These include small files known as cookies.

Therefore, cookies are small text files that are installed on your computer, tablet, mobile and generally the device you use to browse the Internet and as a consequence on the website. T They are commonly used to make websites work in a better and more effective way. This is possible because websites are able to read and write this kind of files, enabling them to recognize devices and remember important information which will make browsing the web easier (e.g. remembering a user’s favourite settings). Inter alia:

By activating a device detection service, you will not need to provide the same information every time.

By saving your username and password, you do not need to re-type it all the time.

Recording the number of visitors and users of our services on our websites, mostly anonymously, enables to improve our response time.

Analysing different data, mostly anonymously, helps us understand the interests of the subjects / users and improve our services.

Types of cookies used by Bionephros S.A.

Essential Cookies: They are important for browsing our site. These cookies are absolutely essential, as without them we may not be able to provide you with specific services or features and our website will not function properly. The cookies in this category we use are:



Session Cookies


Our site uses session cookies which allows us to a) ensure that the information you enter during your visit to a site will be stored and b) link your actions during the browser session. Without them, the data you would enter on an online shopping website, for example, would be lost until you reach the check out.

The browser session starts when you open the browser window and ends when you close it. Session cookies are temporarily created and deleted as soon as the browser window closes. You can accept them by changing your browser settings.




Functionality Cookies: In some cases, we may use this category so that our website remembers and respects the choices you made while browsing our website and we provide you with more personalized features and enhance your browsing experience. These cookies help us improve your visit to our website. The cookies in this category we use are:



Stored Cookies


The functional cookies which our website uses allow it to remember the choices you have made (such as your username, language, or region) and provide improved, more personalized features. For example, a website may offer local weather reports or traffic news using a cookie to store information about the region you're currently in, remember the changes you've made to the text size, font and other elements of the webpage that you can customize and provide the services you've requested such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information which is collected by these cookies is anonymous and does not record your activity on other websites. The visitor may ignore it or delete it if he deems it obsolete (not up to date). The content is encrypted so that the visitor cannot affect it.

The content of the website and thus, the information provided may be revised and updated according to changes to legislation, so you are kindly advised to check the content.