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The Group

On a privately owned land in Moschato –Thessalonikis 60- the Doctum K. Giokaris & Co Group have created a state-of-the-art Hameodialysis Unit with the aim of providing high quality health care services in a modern & pleasant environment, which respects human dignity and sensitivity.

With a focus on creating a model hospitalization unit, the Group and its subsidiary BIONEPHROS S.A. apply all international regulations and standards, offering excellent haemodialysis conditions, which, ultimately, significantly improve the quality of the life of the haemodialysis patient.

Bionephros is fully air-conditioned and has the capacity to serve in its premises 130 patients, whilst by integrating additional shifts this capacity increases up to 190 patients.

The Unit is scientifically related to the Athens State General Hospital and has at its disposal 34 B.BRAUN machines (German).

In addition, BIONEPHROS possesses a modern waiting room with a TV set, a comfortable two-storey car park as well as a pleasant garden for companions.

Access to the Unit is very easy through the low traffic local road network, as well as through the nearby Moschato train station.